ARMIS is a member of the Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence

ARMIS joins the Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence for the dissemination of knowledge in BI and Big Data.

ARMIS ITS at the ITS European Congress

ARMIS ITS attended the ITS European Congress, in Toulouse, representing the ITS Portugal association, directed by Pedro Barradas.

ARMIS Brazil in interview to ABES

The CSO of ARMIS Brazil, Horácio Ferreira, commented on the current technological scenario and the objectives for the future.

ARMIS Workshop | "Power BI in your Pocket: How to Explore Corporate Data”

The last event of the series promoted by ARMIS addressed the creation of an agile and secure corporate data environment.

ARMIS participates in the session "BI and data security" promoted by APBI

The event, which is part of the series "BI 30 Minutes", invited experts for a productive conversation about cybersecurity in organizations.

ARMIS develops application for administrative efficiency at JJ Teixeira

The low-code solution that was implemented has led to the modernization and agility of the administrative teams' daily processes.

ARMIS presents another "Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach"

ARMIS and Microsoft come together in this session to demonstrate best practices on automation and cybersecurity.

ARMIS present at the Session "On the Way to Hannover 2022”

The Prime Minister met with national companies that will participate in the world's largest industrial fair in Hannover.

ARMIS will be present at Hannover Messe 2022

Between May 30 and June 2, ARMIS will be present at Hannover Messe 2022, the largest international trade fair for industrial technology.

Domain Consolidation for one of the largest retail organizations in Brazil

Practicality and Cybersecurity are the key to an innovative and efficient domain consolidation.

ARMIS Workshop | "Power BI in your Pocket: How to Explore Corporate Data

The last event of the series produced by ARMIS addresses the creation of an agile and secure enterprise data environment.

ARMIS Band will be performing at Rock in Rio 2022

Our ARMIS Band (Armstice) will be on one of the biggest national stages: Rock in Rio 2022, with the Brands Like Bands Festival.

ARMIS presents ‘Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach’

Leverage the use of security automation to detect, investigate and respond to threats within your organization.

UVAR Box Hackathon

The UVAR Box project is organizing a Hackathon, which challenges developers to use UVAR data and demonstrate alternatives for urban mobility.

Workshop ‘Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach’ by ARMIS

Learn more about the benefits of automated detection and auto-recovery for your organization through a hands-on experience.

Security and agility: Euronext workspace management through Workplace HUB

Implemented by ARMIS Information Technology, the Workplace HUB has improved the convenience of controlling workspaces for Euronext.

Secure Work by Design - Boosting Safety by Default

The obligation to adapt to a decentralized working system has led organizations to switch to digital in a sudden and poorly prepared way.

How to implement a "Secure Work by Design" strategy

With a Secure Work by Design approach, any organization can make their systems more resilient and reliable through security tools that are planned and tailored to their needs.

Thinking About the Future in the Financial Sector

Economic restructuring is still fraught with uncertainty and the truth is that we have never had the need to "unplug" the world and the economy like we have this time.

M365 Security & Governance

Protect your company and activate a Governance Plan adapted to your needs. ARMIS helps you to outline the procedures that will contribute to the growth of your organization.

Security Operations by Design: Cloud Security and Threat Protection

The way we work has changed radically in the context in which we live today. Mobility paradigms had to be quickly adopted by organizations, due to the current constraints.

The Path to the New Reality

This is the moment of reflection: the business models we knew, the methods and processes in place, belong to the old normal.

Data & Artificial Intelligence: Advantages, solutions, and the future of automated systems

The phenomenon of Data & Artificial Intelligence applications in industries around the world is revolutionizing production processes, making them more efficient, intelligent, and productive.

ITO Services: Time-to-market talent recruitment

On the one hand, the rushed tick-tock in the process of digital transformation in companies, with the concern to become more flexible, more competitive, and prepared for innovation. On the other, the shortage of specialized IT professionals. However, with ITO Services, it is fortunately already possible to reconcile these realities.