16 Jul, 2020

ARMIS ITS develops APP for the LIFE LINES project


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ARMIS ITS develops APP that contributes to the preservation of biodiversity on Portuguese highways.

In an attempt to preserve and promote biodiversity, Ascendi in partnership with Infraestruturas de Portugal has joined the LIFE LINES project, a project integrated in the European Union's LIFE programme, whose main objective is to reduce animal mortality on the roads.


Thus, and given the specific needs of this project, ARMIS ITS was asked to develop an application for this purpose, allowing the identification and registration of species that are recognized in the infrastructures of this concessionaire, in a practical, fast and efficient way by its employees.


It is a great pleasure to be part of a project like this, to walk together with a partner like Ascendi and to realize how we all have a fundamental role in the preservation of biodiversity.


Find out more about this project, here.

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