29 Oct, 2021

New App CGD France: Innovation and digitalization in the financial industry


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With support from ARMIS FT, the mobile application has been renewed with the aim of ensuring a good user experience, security, and practicality.

Last September, the Caixa Geral de Depósitos France presented its renewed mobile application, with the main objective of being simple, practical and above all user friendly.


Developed in partnership with ARMIS Financial Technology, the application allows the user to navigate intuitively and with more security when performing their banking transactions. The platform brings new features such as biometric authentication, sending Push notifications, among many others, such as the use of artificial intelligence that works in favor of security, maintaining the integrity of customer data, preventing fraud.


In general, the system was completely updated and tailored to CGD's needs and visual identity.


The results are already starting to show with the increase in the number of downloads of the app on Android and IOS systems and with the improvement in the ratings in the stores. Now, users can use the app in a simpler way, besides having their data protected.


With more than 48 agencies, the French branch intends to continue to offer products that exceed its customers' expectations. The priority is the quality of what is offered and the relationship of trust that is established with the organization's public.


We couldn't be prouder to be part of a project like this.

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