30 Mar, 2022

Escoita App at the Spain-Iceland match


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The broadcast of the RFEF between the two teams allowed people with visual impairment to follow the game live.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) broadcasted the Spain - Iceland match this Tuesday, March 29th, through the Escoita App. This was the first time that a game of the Spanish national team was broadcast in an immersive way for visually impaired people, in a pilot initiative that is intended to be extended to the rest of the international games.


The Escoita App, conceived by Jesus Suarez Lopez and developed in partnership with ARMIS Digital Sport, allows real-time monitoring of sports events for blind or visually impaired people, through the narration and audition of games and competitions, of various sports, ensuring a true experience on the field or court.


The application broadcasted the friendly match between Spain and Iceland, which took place at the Riazor stadium in A Coruña, and ended with the Spanish national team winning 5-0.


As Jesus Suarez Lopez says, "Let's hope that this is the starting point and that it ends up in Olympic and Paralympic sports and everything that can be narrated. It is in our power to improve society and inclusive projects can improve the lives of many people." The goal is to give visibility to the responsibility that should exist in the sports ecosystem, turning it into a lever for social change.


The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.

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