16 May, 2022

ARMIS presents another "Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach"


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ARMIS and Microsoft come together in this session to demonstrate best practices on automation and cybersecurity.

This Monday, May 16, ARMIS teamed up with Microsoft for the "Microsoft Security Immersion: Into the Breach" workshop, bringing together more than 40 attendees in an event packed with practical lessons on digital security.


With Gamification-oriented engagement strategies, Francisco Falcão, Head of Identity & Security at ARMIS, and Karl Gosset, Head of Cyber Instruction at Microsoft, showed attendees how to leverage security automation in practice, in order to detect fraud, investigate and respond to threats much faster.


The event was a great opportunity for those seeking to develop new skills and to discover what's most innovative in cybersecurity in the corporate environment.


Soon, we will present more sessions on the theme, stay tuned for more news and join us!

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