31 May, 2022

ARMIS is a member of the Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence


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ARMIS joins the Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence for the dissemination of knowledge in BI and Big Data.

APBI - Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence - is a non-profit association, formed by Business Intelligence professionals with experience in areas as diverse as the public sector, education, health, finance, banking, sports, small and medium enterprises. APBI was formed with the aim of establishing an open and neutral channel through which Business Intelligence and Big Data professionals, businessmen, regulators, academics and public and government officials can discuss and solve common problems, aiming at the democratization of information technology.


ARMIS' membership in APBI strengthens the bridge between the business community and professionals in the area, as well as promoting academic and professional training of excellence for all those who develop or intend to develop projects in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.


Learn more about APBI here.

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