11 Nov, 2021

ARMIS ITS leading the WG4 project: a set of webinars on smart mobility


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The webinar series was organized by ARMIS ITS and the C-ITS Urban Harmonization Group and gathered around 500 participants throughout 2021.

The C-Roads Platform is a joint initiative of the European Member States and road operators for testing and implementing C-ITS services for cross-border harmonisation and interoperability. WG4 is dedicated to municipal authorities interested in the C-Roads Platform, providing a forum to discuss and reflect on the implementation of intelligent transport systems in urban areas. WG4 joins 54 European cities, where 37 cities are actively contributing to the WG4 workplan.


The C-Roads WG4 webinar series ran from March to November 2021 and gathered around 500 participants, was intended to raise awareness of the benefits of ITS and to facilitate cooperation between cities and the C-Roads Platform. These webinars were held online and covered the topics:



  • C-Roads WG4 Webinar 1 - "Cooperative Intelligent Signalized Intersections"

The first Webinar brought together the cities of Graz and Vienna, the perspectives from policy-making and technology specifications, with the participation of UITP and MapTM.



  • C-Roads WG4 Webinar 2 - "Hazardous Location Notification"

The second edition of the WG4 Webinars brought the cities of Torino and Thessalonki, who shared their municipalities' experience in implementing C-ITS services in compliance with security principles. This webinar also brought together Car-2-Car and CEDR with perspectives from car manufacturers and road administrations.



  • C-Roads WG4 Webinar 3 - "Dynamically Controlled Zones, Route Advice and Parking"

The third Webinar brought together the cities of Trondheim, Kassel, Trento and Lisbon and featured ARMIS ITS CSO Pedro Barradas as moderator. POLIS and the Freight Leaders Council were also present with their knowledge sharing and experience in mobility.



  • C-Roads WG4 Webinar 4 - "PVD, RWW & VRU"

The last Webinar of the WG4 series brought together the perspectives of the cities of Hamburg, Gottherburg, Bordeaux, Zalaegerszeg, Valencia and Dresden and the organisations ACEA and POLIS.



This cycle, which promoted the discussion of various technical topics with a view to driving the future of intelligent mobility in Europe, will be repeated in 2022 and will also feature a hybrid event in June of the same year, the C-ITS City Forum.


Our main drive in WG4 is to support cities in their deployment of harmonized C-ITS services so that interoperability becomes a reality across Europe. Throughout this last year, WG4 developed a report that describes the state of practice of C-ITS services and use-cases deployment across European cities over the next five years. This also involved a questionnaire that helped us understand what their main drives were towards prioritizing the C-ITS deployment in urban environments. This information was used to cluster European cities into 4 main groups and short-list those with higher relevance for Policy Goals.

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