10 Jan, 2022

ARMIS is an integral part of project SCALE: Centralisation, protection, control and monitoring of medium-voltage networks


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The consortium is led by Efacec and co-funded by Portugal 2020 for the digital distribution substation of the future, which allows the control, monitoring and protection of medium voltage electricity networks in a centralised manner.

The SCALE project - Scalable Centralized Grid Protection, Automation and Control, aims to develop a highly innovative solution for control, management and monitoring of Medium Voltage networks with greater flexibility, reliability, security and autonomy, based on a centralized solution for protection, automation and control of the digital High Voltage/Mid-Voltage substation of the future. 


This new approach presents a disruptive alternative for the development of digital substations, compared to the PAC products and solutions currently applied in the industry, enabling what will certainly be the substation of the future. Co-funded by Portugal 2020, in an investment budgeted at approximately 2.2 million euros, the project is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2023. 


The SCALE project will foster the growth of national technical-scientific and engineering capacity to generate innovation and industrial development, combining business partners, EFACEC and ARMIS, with other predominantly scientific partners, INESC TEC and IT Aveiro, and also involving the participation of an important partner company in the sector, E-REDES (ex. EDP Distribuição), as well as a non-business entity of the R&I system, INESC-ID. The combination of skills of the participants will allow the supplanting of the current limitations of the sector, enhancing the value of the SCALE Consortium at the national and international levels. 


ARMIS is proud to be part of a project like SCALE, whose main objective is to develop a completely innovative solution to the current systems, by unifying functionality on a digital platform, reliable and resilient. 


Learn more about the SCALE project here.

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