22 Jun, 2022

Drive 3.0 arrives in Vinhedo, Brazil


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The city of Vinhedo, in São Paulo countryside, now counts on DRIVE's technology to boost intelligent mobility management.

With about 83 thousand inhabitants, the city of Vinhedo is located in the countryside of São Paulo. Very close to major cities in the inland region such as Campinas and Jundiai, Vinhedo stands out for its tranquility and forestation.


ARMIS Intelligent Transport Systems is proud to announce the implementation of the new version of Drive in the city of Vinhedo. Together in this partnership we seek to continue to drive sustainability and citizen well-being through digitalization.


This technology supports mobility management in an intelligent way, from sophisticated technological systems. Built from the ground up to meet the mobility services of the future, Drive is a distinctive and agnostic software for any type of transportation or equipment, and allows the creation and development of strategies focused on adding value to any organization.


Drive is used by the public sector to improve traffic management in Operation Centers, as well as to provide city administrations or organizations with forecasts, interactive information, insights and data analysis about traffic and route alternatives in case of incidents.


The goal is to bring more quality of life and decarbonization, and therefore contribute to the urban development of Vinhedo. 


This is how we intend to continue transforming businesses, cities and lives around the world through technology! 



Get to know Drive 3.0:


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