10 Jan, 2023

ARMIS Runners at São Silvestre Porto 2023


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On January 8, the 28th edition of the São Silvestre Porto took place in the streets of Invicta and our ARMIS Runners were there.

São Silvestre Porto 2023, which took place on January 8, marked the 28th edition of the event in the Invicta city, for one of the most traditional races and walks.


Despite the rain, more than 8000 athletes gathered in Porto for a historic route through the city. 


Our ARMIS Runners Rita Fernandes, Alberto Azevedo, Nuno Figueiredo, Margarida Meneses, Sara Linhas, César Neves, Guilherme Soares and Luís Gonçalves represented ARMIS in another edition of São Silvestre Porto.  

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