27 May, 2021

Webinar: Robotic Process Automation with Power Automate


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A session on building automation flows using Microsoft Technologies.

Building automation flows allows the transformation of repetitive and manual tasks into automated processes.


Luís Gonçalves, Head of QA & Process Automation at ARMIS, presented the Webinar 'Robotic Process Automation with Power Automate' on May 27th. The session focused on democratizing process automation through the development of applications that do it intuitively and safely.


With this technology, it is possible to automate functions dependent on human intervention, which become repetitive and not very agile. Through process automation, teams can allocate time spent on routine tasks to more demanding processes that add more value to their organization.


This Webinar is part of the Microsoft-led "The Power of Teams" event series, geared towards deepening digital skills by making the most of Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform. 


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