09 Mar, 2022

ARMIS is invited to talk about Cybersecurity and digital maturity in the Observer Lab


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Francisco Falcão, Head of Identity and Security at ARMIS, brought all the know-how in cybersecurity in a video full of information that shows the way to build effectively secure systems and networks in organizations.

Microsoft's Security Partner of the Year for two consecutive times, ARMIS was invited by the Portuguese subsidiary of the technology company and by Observador to talk about cybersecurity. In the video, Francisco Falcão, Head of Identity and Security at ARMIS, brought all his know-how to share data, knowledge, and tips on the subject.

Recent crises in large companies involving sensitive information have made even more evident the importance of preventing cyberattacks and adopting effective cybersecurity practices.

In the video, Francisco Falcão shows us that much more than the technologies implemented, cybersecurity is a matter of mindset. This means that companies must work not only on technological innovation for the security of their environments, but also strengthen a security culture to prevent their employees from falling into traps.

Whether on smartphones or computers, in personal or corporate life, every individual plays an active role in protecting data.

Want to learn more about how you can protect your organization and leverage cybersecurity? Watch the full video below:

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