26 Feb, 2020

ARMIS receives 20 Informatics Engineering students for curricular internship program


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ARMIS receives 20 ISEP Computer Engineering students to join the 2020 curricular internship program.

20 Computer Engineering students from ISEP (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto) are part of the ARMIS curricular internship program.



To receive and to prepare them for the job market, we organized an “Interns Host Week”, so that everyone could get to know ARMIS, our corporate culture and our facilities.



During this host week, Orlando Neto, Sofia Pires, Miguel Oliveira, Marta Almeida, Ivan Fonseca, António Lima and Rui Costa presented sessions about the company, about soft skills, but also, training sessions of Database skills, Methodology & Theory, Programming Tips and Programming Hints.



A week full of knowledge sharing and networking!

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