14 Oct, 2020

ARMIS ITS leads the new European project UVAR Box


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UVAR Box is a contract awarded by the European Commission to a consortium led by ARMIS.

Adjusting to a more resilient demanding COV19 transport system while aiming for carbon neutrality, is raising the bar for cities. Coping with the challenges will require speeding up the mobility digitalization processes and push for further integration between the different players.


Even if sometimes, misunderstood, Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) have been established under different schemes (e.g. Low Emission Zones, Congestion charging schemes, Limited traffic zones, Parking regulations and Pedestrian zones) aiming to positively impact the reduction of emissions, traffic congestion or, simply, to return back to pedestrians and cyclists, the most scarcest resource in the city: urban space.


With the intention to push for a much more effective use of UVAR and adequately inform road users about such schemes, when moving across the EU, the EC has commissioned the development of a set of tools – UVAR Box - designed to enable the provision of accurate, up to date, continuous and interoperable EU-wide real-time traffic information services. Using these tools will support cities streamlining and simplifying the digital procedures for issuing such schemes, at the level of the National Access Points.


UVAR Box is a contract awarded by the European Commission to a consortium led by ARMIS and composed of AlbrechtConsult, AustriaTech, MAPtm, MEMEX, POLIS Network, PRISMA Solutions and TRT, and including Harrod Booth Consulting, Sadler Consultants and U-Trex as subcontractors.


Launched in association with POLIS Network, the project is looking to empower cities to develop their UVAR scheme by using the UVAR Box, allowing more efficient up take by navigation systems or mobile applications in adequate machine-readable formats, thus resulting in better trip planning and informed travellers across the EU.



UVAR Box was awarded in the framework of the Preparatory Action — User-friendly Information Tool on Urban and Regional Vehicle Access Regulation Schemes, Notice: 2019/S 229-561113, Reference number: MOVE/B4/2019-498.




For more information contact:

ARMIS Intelligent Transport Systems - Pedro Barradas, Project Manager, pedro.barradas@armis.pt

POLIS Network - Manon Coyne, Communications Lead, mcoyne@polisnetwork.eu

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