07 Jun, 2017

Conference conducted by Armis discussed Intelligent Mobility


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A reflection upon Innovation and Integrated Development

Armis held in its auditory, this Monday, 5th June, an important conference, whose theme was: “Intelligent Mobility: Innovation and Integrated Development”. This workshop aimed at presenting and debating about the participants’ different perspectives regarding the global challenge of innovation and integrated development to intelligent mobility.


Armis understands that innovation and development of solutions, products and services, applied efficient and collaboratively to the challenge of transportation of people and goods, are key factors in the search of answers to economic growth and to a more sustainable, fair and inclusive society, which plans according to the needs of future generations. This perspective has led the company to idealize an event in which would be possible to gather relevant presences and thoughts on behalf of a constructive reflection upon this topic.


The workshop brought together illustrious representatives of several organizations and entities, who presented and discussed quality and significant information. Including regulatory authorities DG Move (EU) and IMT – Mobility and Transports Institute; Cities such as Porto, Lisbon, Braga, Matosinhos and Gaia; Entities in the Transportation sector, such as AM Porto, STCP and TUB from Braga; Concessionaires; Portugal’ Infrastructures, ASCENDI, Brisa, Scutvias, NorteLitoral; Industry, where, besides Armis, were present companies such as Caetano, TIS, Soltráfego, DMS and Veniam; as well as associations and scientific entities, such as ITS Portugal, FEUP, ISEP and INESC.


Presences of expression, which allowed the ideal conditions to present and debate about different perspectives of innovation and development of systems to the Mobility in several sectors.

This event enabled a better contact and understanding about the policies, orientations and recommendations of the European and National perspective. It presented real examples concerning the implementation of solutions in the area of mobility and transports and also collaboration models with the scientific field to innovation. It stimulated the debate about the necessity of collaboration and integrated development of the different stakeholders, inviting a reflection upon the possibility of “walking” towards Intelligent Mobility – The Way 4 Smart!



You may consult the presentations made during the event through the following links:

  • European Vision – Eng. Pedro Barradas, DG Move, European Commission


  • I&D as a base to Innovation – Prof. Doutor Rosaldo Rossetti, FEUP



Bearing in mind the success of this workshop, we are aiming to carry out new conferences about this topic, in a near future.


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