21 Jul, 2022

ARMIS conquers COTEC INNOVATIVE Status 2022


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For the second time, ARMIS was distinguished with the COTEC 2022 INNOVATIVE STATUS by COTEC Portugal.

This distinction is public recognition of Portuguese companies that, due to their high performance in innovation and notoriety, which demonstrate that it is possible to combine adequate financial strength, technological investment and the conviction that innovation is essential to increase competitive potential and economic results. 


COTEC Portugal, Association for Innovation, is the main Portuguese business association for the promotion of innovation and business technological cooperation. The universe of COTEC Portugal includes multinational companies, large national groups and SMEs in various sectors of activity. 


Resulting from a partnership between the financial sector institutions and COTEC Portugal, the COTEC INNOVADORA Statute aims to distinguish companies with superior performance by recognizing the example, raising awareness and strengthening the value by the market. 


In the second edition, 830 companies applied and 649 Statutes were awarded, according to the demanding criteria defined in the INOVADORA COTEC regulation. 


ARMIS - SISTEMAS DE INFORMAÇÃO, LDA, is proud to be one of the Portuguese companies recognized in this first edition of the COTEC Innovative status. 

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