02 Oct, 2023

Nuno Antunes will be participating in COTEC Portugal's CONNECT 4.0 event


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'Accelerating the Internationalization of the Technology Sector' is the theme of the fourth session of COTEC Portugal's CONNECT 4.0 program, which will take place on October 4 in Lisbon.

The CONNECT 4.0 Program, an initiative promoted by COTEC Portugal, will enable Portuguese technology companies to enter international markets, accelerating the development and growth of their businesses.


Nuno Antunes, CEO of ARMIS, will take part in the "Internationalization Experiences" panel, sharing about internationalization, good practices and the challenges faced by a company with a global presence in more than 11 countries.


This will be the fourth session of the CONNECT event and all the information can be found here.

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