19 May, 2022

ARMIS develops application for administrative efficiency at JJ Teixeira


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The low-code solution that was implemented has led to the modernization and agility of the administrative teams' daily processes.

JJ Teixeira is one of the largest woodworking companies in Europe, founded in 1977 in Portugal, and currently has about 400 employees and 45,000 m² of industrial area.


The expansion of its teams brought to the organization the need to update its work hour computing system, which was, to date, outdated and not digitalized, relying on manual processes and procedures.


ARMIS Information Technology has developed, updated and modernized an application for the daily activities of the organization, through a low-code solution using Oracle Apex technology, modernizing and automating internal administrative processes.


The implemented low-code solution, serving the administrative and Human Resources teams, resulted in agility, productivity, collaboration and user focus. The project is also marked by the implementation of authentication mechanisms, in the scope of cybersecurity and management of profiles and accesses


Download here the Case Study and learn more about the architecture implemented at JJ Teixeira.

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