20 Mar, 2024



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ARMIS ITS was present at NAPCORE, in Utrecht, from March 4 to 7, at the CAT Meeting and the NAPCORE 2nd LoS Self assessment Workshop.

At the beginning of the month, ARMIS ITS took part in important meetings held in Utrecht, Netherlands, as part of the NAPCORE project. From March 4 to 7, João Montenegro, ITS Consultant at ARMIS, represented the leadership of WG2 (Working Group 2) at the Core Alignment Team meetings. These included not only the internal assemblies of the Working Groups and activity leaders, but also a meeting with the European Parking Association to discuss key aspects related to parking data at National Access Points. 


Additionally, on March 7, ARMIS played a key role in the '2nd NAP LoS Self-assessment Workshop', in which NAP operators from several Member States actively participated. The Workshop is related to a specific task of WG2, which aims to provide a uniform description of the Service Levels of NAP-National Access Points. During the event, these operators shared experiences and provided insightful examples of the characteristics of their systems, enriching the discussions. 


ARMIS had already participated in the most recent NAPCORE Mobility Data Days in Budapest between November 7 and 9 last year, as well as attending various events and workshops in the European Union in recent years, as part of an active presence in this organization. 

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