30 May, 2022

ARMIS Brazil in interview to ABES


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The CSO of ARMIS Brazil, Horácio Ferreira, commented on the current technological scenario and the objectives for the future.

Horácio Ferreira, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of ARMIS Brazil, gave an interview to the Brazilian Association of Software Companies, an organization of which ARMIS has been a member since March this year. At the time, the business development responsible of ARMIS Brazil commented on the company's objectives in the short, medium and long term, talking about the expansion to South America. 


The specialist also commented on the ARMIS differential in being a company that pays attention to the specifics of each customer and is therefore able to provide tailored solutions, high performance, and exceeding user expectations.  


In ARMIS much more than providing technological solutions, we have know-how in business areas and therefore seek to understand the reality and purpose of each customer or partner to put their goals in each of the projects developed.  


During the interview, tips on good cybersecurity practices were also present. Horácio commented about the importance of each organization having a system adapted to its reality and that promotes a security culture, whether it is a micro, small, medium, or large company.  


To check out this interview in full, click here

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