07 Nov, 2022

ARMIS ITS participates in NAPCORE Mobility Data Days


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ARMIS Intelligent Transport Systems was one of the entities present at the event and Pedro Barradas, André Rehberg and Lígia Conceição were the three representatives of the organization in Paris.

On the 3rd and 4th of November, the NAPCORE Mobility Data Days was presented in Paris, an event to discover the organization's advances in national access points across Europe and its impact with others and platforms. 

Pedro Barradas, CSO at ARMIS ITS, presented the session “Why do we need a common European data model?” and explanation about the UVARBox project. 




At the DATEX II Forum event, Pedro Barradas presented a C-Roads project within the scope of the “Real Time Traffic Information and Crucial Data Categories”. 

Lígia Conceição, C-ITS Consultant at ARMIS ITS, organized the session “NAP architecture and harmonization – Interoperability and Levels of Services of NAPs”, which invited Benjamin Witsch (AT), Christian Rantzow von Huth (DK), Lígia Conceição (PT), Nuno Rodrigues (NL) and Peter Lubrich (DE) to present the information, the planned work and the results already obtained in WGT2. A methodology was presented that assesses the Levels of Services of NAPs, the importance and challenges of creating a "Reference NAP Architecture", the demonstrators that use information from various NAPs, and the importance of "Alternative Fuels" as information to be made available. in the NAPs. 




ARMIS is positioned as a reference in Intelligent Transport Systems, combining technology, sustainability, mobility and intelligence for Europe and the World. 

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