17 Apr, 2017

Workshop Test Our Coffee


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Creation of a tests’ team: challenges and lessons learnt.

ARMIS, in a partnership with PSTQB (Portuguese Software Testing and Qualifications Board), will carry out, on May 2nd, the workshop “Test Our Coffee”, whose theme will be “Creation of a tests’ team: challenges and lessons learnt.”


Among the speakers, we will have the presence of our colleague Luís Gonçalves, who is responsible for the Software Testing Certification of ARMIS IT.


Test Our Coffee are bi-monthly sessions, fostered by PSTQB, where experts in tests, with experience in a variety of markets and fields, tools and approaches, get together to share learning, knowledge and experiences.


PSTQB is an associate and representative of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), which created the most widespread certification in the field of software’ tests, with over 400.00 certificates issued worldwide. Furthermore, PSTQB is the only association in Portugal that promotes career recognition in the field of software’ tests.


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