18 Oct, 2017

Smart City Expo World Congress – Barcelona 2017


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Armis will be present at the world's largest Smart City Congress.

From November 14th to 16th, Barcelona will host the 2017 Smart City Expo, the largest international congress for knowledge-sharing and discussion regarding Smart Cities.


Invited by Microsoft, as Gold Partner, Armis already confirmed its presence at the Microsoft exhibition area, where we will showcase our latest innovative solutions and technologies that have a positive contribution on the lives of millions of citizens.


With the premise that technology is the key element in a city’s democratization process, combined with active citizen participation, critical reflection and social consciousness, this event intends to interconnect and collectivize urban power, enhance cities empowerment, identify new business partnerships and contribute to the implementation of common policies.


As the world is becoming interdependent, changes occur repeatedly and with them, the urban population faces the constant need to overcome new challenges.


For everyone to benefit from the Digital transformation and Technological advances, cities need to translate their needs into real effective actions, through active collaboration between public administrations, corporations, the scientific community and the Citizens.


 The Congress will gather relevant experts and city leaders, companies, research centers, initiatives and innovative solutions, with strategies for a smarter and more sustainable urban world.

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