31 Mar, 2023



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ARMIS gathered nearly 50 participants over two days of WG1 and WG2 reunions.

Two working groups of the NAPCORE project (WG1 and WG2) responsible for the Strategy, Interoperability and Service Level of the European NAP (National Access Points) met at the ARMIS headquarters in Porto.


The meeting was promoted by ARMIS Intelligent Transport Systems, with the support of IMT - Institute for Mobility and Transport and TIS - Transport Consultants, Innovation and Systems. The meeting had several main points in debate, such as the role of current and future National Access Points and the development for the implementation of the European Mobility Data Space and European Access Point.


Throughout March 30, Working Group 1 met to discuss the long-term governance structure of NAPCORE, while on March 31 Working Group 2 met in a Workshop format, with special focus on discussing the European Access Points Whitepaper, as well as the concept of a future European Access Point. The NAPs interoperability is a crucial aspect that is related to the Reference NAP Architecture, another main aspect being dealt by WG2.


NAPCORE (National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe) coordinates and harmonises the development of NAPs by European Union Member States, focused on sharing mobility-related data.

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