25 Oct, 2023

More than 20 European cities gathered at the City Forum & Urban C-ITS Contest in Porto


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During the event in Porto, 21 European cities gathered to discuss the progress and future of C-ITS policies, as well as their impact on the urban landscape.

The City Forum & Urban C-ITS Contest are part of the European Cooperative-Streets (C-Streets) project, which aims to introduce a road technology revolution in cities.


The actions, which took place on October 19 and 20, were promoted by the C-Roads project, a European initiative aimed at the harmonized implementation of cooperative intelligent transport systems. The City Forum focused on discussing aspects related to the development of C-ITS policies and their impact on the urban landscape, along with the Urban C-ITS Contest, which aimed to present and promote the implementation of C-ITS in European cities.


Over the course of two days, 21 cities from different member states came together, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Portugal. The awards "The Frontrunner on ensuring the accessibility of jobs and services to all", "The Frontrunner on reducing pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption" and "The Frontrunner on urban-interurban integration" are some of the 11 prizes awarded to various European cities, namely Helmond, Turin, Trento, Paris, Porto, Hamburg, Hradec Kralove, Bordeaux, Salzburg, Dresden and Graz for their C-ITS deployments.


Highlighting the event were Martin Boehm, Pierpaolo Tona and Pedro Baganha, representatives of the C-Roads Platform, CINEA and the Councillor of C.M.Porto, with responsibility for Urban Planning and Public Space, respectively.


Along with the Municipality of Porto, the event was sponsored by ARMIS and its two partners from the management team of the Cooperative-Streets Project: IMT and TIS. Urban C-ITS Contest & City Forum will take place at the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, and both are co-funded by the European Union.


Photo: Andreia Merca

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