18 Apr, 2023

Discover the main Fintech terms in the market


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Fintechs are revolutionizing the financial world through innovative and technological solutions that are just a click away.

Fintechs offer a wide range of financial services, from money transfers, online payments, investments, and loans, to managing personal finances, all in a fast and easy way. 


With the challenge of keeping this digital financial transformation in mind, ARMIS has created a Glossary of Fintech Terms to help demystify the terms companies use in the industry.


The eBook explains the principal terms used by fintech clearly and concisely. From the most basic terms, such as digital banking and home banking, to more advanced terms, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Click below to download the Glossary, and better understand the solutions offered by fintech and how they can help you manage your finances more efficiently and securely.


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