31 Oct, 2022

ARMIS DS in Singapore at GSIC Summit APAC 2022


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The event brings together players in the sports industry for networking and sharing technology trends.

The ARMIS Digital Sport team will be in Singapore for the GSIC Summit APAC 2022, between November 9 and 11, representing ARMIS, in an event that brings together players in the sports industry. 


Miguel Dias, ARMIS DS’ CSO, and Ivan Fonseca, Head of Products, will participate in the sessions "Blockchain & NFT Revolution in Fan Engagement" and "Providing High-level Cybersecurity to Sporting Events", on November 10, demonstrating ARMIS' technological know-how in the sports sector.  


Focusing on the theme "Technological Disruption for Sporting Events", Miguel Dias and Ivan Fonseca will talk about the role of technology in the service of the sports industry and its importance for the protection of information. 

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