13 Jan, 2022

ARMIS is a founding partner of Young Parkies Portugal


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Young Parkies Portugal is an association that informs, integrates and accompanies people with juvenile or early Parkinson's disease.

The association aims to promote cooperation between all stakeholders, from carers to doctors, researchers, therapists, lawyers, employers and others, under the slogan 'With Parkinson's. Together. Together', to create a community that improves lives.


With the aim of helping to provide security and motivation so that everyone feels more calm, confident and active, Young Parkies Portugal, set up in July 2021, has a multidisciplinary team so that patients do not carry the burden of juvenile Parkinson's alone.


In this solidarity project, ARMIS developed the YPP website, with the aim of offering people relevant and informative content. Besides including a frequently asked questions section, the website also includes the possibility to register as a parkie, carer or health professional, within the scope of building this community, among several contents made available.


ARMIS is proud to support and assist an organization with such a relevant social relevance as Young Parkies Portugal, which plays an active role in a community of 20 thousand people diagnosed with Parkinson's in Portugal.


Visit the website and find out more about the association:  https://www.youngparkiesportugal.org/home/

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