21 Sep, 2021

ARMIS presents the 'Microsoft Discover: Security (Identity)' Workshop


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Understand how new work models have brought new challenges to organizations.

The exponential increase in cyber-attacks over the past year has reinforced the need for Security and Compliance for enterprises, especially in a hybrid working environment.


In this scenario, ARMIS teamed up with Microsoft for the "Microsoft Discovery: Security (Identity) Workshop" that took place this Tuesday, September 21.


In the session, ARMIS' CTO, Rui Costa, presented the session and showed the participants practical experiences on how to manage employee and guest identities, allowing them to work securely and productively from anywhere with Microsoft 365.


Security strategies such as the Zero-Trust model and the role of Identity Governance in organizations were also discussed. Through a demo, Rui Costa addressed the most suitable technologies for different security and access management needs.


ARMIS will soon present the workshop 'Microsoft Discover: Azure Security', in February 2022. Find out more about the session here.


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