11 Jan, 2022

Digital Transformation at CarNext: understand what is behind agile information management


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With an automated information flow CarNext was able to maximise its results with much more innovation.

CarNext is one of the leading companies operating in the car sales and rental sector across Europe. In an easy and transparent way, the company works with direct customers or companies looking for a car fleet. In addition, it features home delivery of the vehicle, financing options and other support services, integrated within the market. 


Given the complexity of the organization's day to day, ARMIS could support CarNext to automate processes, mitigate errors and bring agility in information management. The platform developed brought intelligent management of stocks, check-ins and check-outs of cars, as well as alert systems and conflict management.  


Previously, many of these activities were performed manually, which, in addition to demanding a lot of time from the teams, was also reflected in a higher risk of failure. With the modernisation of these processes, everything is now done easily and automatically.  


CarNext employees responsible for this management can now access this complete digital service securely from anywhere and from any device (whether notebook, smartphone or tablet), even without an Internet connection.  


This way, CarNext's teams got much more time for strategic activities and the company could get results with the mitigation of errors and the support of alerts.  


Access our Case Study here and find out how it is possible to maximise your results from the digital transformation of your organisation. 

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