09 Sep, 2022

ARMIS ITS leads CEiiA's O2 project


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As part of the O2 project, bio-devices are equipment that can be integrated with urban furniture in order to improve people's quality of life.

Bio-devices are equipment that integrates technology with different plant species, with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and contributing to carbon neutrality in cities. Therefore, they enhance the increase of comfort and allow information to be always present in real-time. 


In this sense, biodevices should be thought of inclusively and in harmony with the surroundings and can be integrated with urban furniture, as is the case of the O2 project. This project is a last/first-mile Mobility Hub led by ARMIS ITS, from CEiiA, in the context of the BeNeutral Agenda. 


Pedro Barradas, Chief Strategy Officer of ARMIS Intelligent Transport Systems was one of the activators of this project. It is a pride to lead a project like this, in order to revolutionize the way we move in smart cities, smart villages and communities. 


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