06 Oct, 2023

Urban C-ITS Contest & City Forum


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The Urban C-ITS Contest & City Forum, organized by the C-Roads Platform, will take place in Porto on October 19 and 20.

The City Forum brings cities together to discuss aspects related to the development of C-ITS policies and their impact on the urban scenario. The main topics and challenges relating to the implementation of urban C-ITS will be addressed in four different sessions on October 19.

The Urban C-ITS Contest takes place in the following day and aims to promote the implementation of C-ITS in European cities, highlighting the characterization of their systems and architectures, through a ceremony with 11 awards to the best urban C-ITS implementations. Both events aim to analyze and understand the state of practice of C-ITS technology deployment in urban environments thriving in European cities.

Along with the Municipality of Porto, the events are sponsored by ARMIS and its two partners from the management team of the Cooperative-Streets Project: IMT and TIS. Urban C-ITS Contest & City Forum will take place at the Almeida Garrett Auditorium, and both are co-funded by the European Union.


Get to know more about the event here.

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