01 Apr, 2021

ARMIS and Stand4good fight for equity in Higher Education


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ARMIS, as the founding partner of Stand4good, supports the association in creating opportunities that change the lives of several young Portuguese.

In an article in the Observador newspaper, Stand4good was highlighted for its social intervention in the fight against university drop-outs and inequity in access to Higher Education.


The article pointed out the association's work with "talented students, with extraordinary school performance and good grades" who are forced to abandon their studies because they cannot afford it.


The project currently supports the first 20 students who were excluded from the scholarship, who belong to needy households and were on the verge of dropping out. The students in Stand4good's pilot group attend differentiated and demanding courses such as Economics, Medicine and Bioengineering, with great academic success.


Stand4good accompanies these students throughout their schooling. The intervention starts with university scholarships, complemented by an individualized mentoring system and the approach to the business world, during the course.


We can never be too much to help movements and projects like this, in order to promote inclusion and education. ARMIS is proud of the recognition of this association and to be the founding partner of such a noble cause!


Read the full article here.

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