24 Aug, 2017

ARMIT IT-Software Testing and Certification on the Dublin Stock Exchange


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Armis IT starts new project for the Dublin Stock Exchange - ISE Ireland Stock Exchange.

Following the strategy to acquire new competences, Armis has been running projects of certification and software testing, following the guidelines practiced by the ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and partnering with PSTQB (Portuguese association for software testing).


Today, we are partners and service providers to big clients in this sector, developing and implementing projects of great complexity using software-testing tools, such as Microsoft’s Load Test Framework, Selenium Test Framework, Junit, and NUnit.


With ISTQB® certified professionals, specialized and renowned in the software quality field, we recently initiated a new project for the ISE, Ireland Stock Exchange, to develop an automatic testing solution on CRM workflow processes, based on the Selenium Test Framework

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