23 Jun, 2023

ARMIS ITS present at the C-Roads and NAPCORE Steering Committees in Paris


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On June 20 and 21, the Steering Committees of the C-Roads and NAPCORE projects were held in Paris.

The C-Roads Steering Committee focused on the overall status of the project and the future of the C-Roads platform, which is the backbone of the C-ITS infrastructure in Europe. Lígia Conceição, ITS Consultant at ARMIS Intelligent Transport Systems, is assuming the leadership of WG4 (Working Group 4) and made an overview of the work developed in the last 3 months, focusing on the thematic monthly sessions that WG4 organized and that allow cities to discuss together their current challenges and achievements along the C-ITS implementation process. It was also reinforced the physical C-Roads event organized as a C-ITS competition to be held in Porto, October 19 and 20, 2023, which will focus mainly on its deployment in urban environments.


The NAPCORE Steering Committee was focused on the results obtained and with some interactive sessions with the other SCOM members. Lígia Conceição presented the NAPCORE vision regarding the European Access Point, which was followed by an interactive session in which each member asked questions individually and discussed details about the EAP's NAPCORE document, as well as how to proceed taking into account the recent statements about the future directive. Also discussed was the status of the WG2 work, focusing on NAP service levels, NAP reference architecture, and interoperable demonstrators.

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