17 Jul, 2017

Armis ITS in Workshop by European ITS Platform at Germany


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The Use of Metadata in National Access Points (NAPs) was discussed in a workshop in Frankfurt/ Germany.

Armis ITS, representing Portugal in the European Commission in projects and debates as a Technical Consultant, follows working groups and participates actively in the definition of ITS policies. With this in mind, it attended a workshop concerning the theme of Metadata in National Access Points, on 8th July, in Frankfurt/ Germany.


The aims of the workshop are the revision of existent practices between “National Access Points” operational in Europe, the evaluation of the concept and the usage of “Coordinated Metadata Catalogue”, as well as the development of a common understanding to an integrated approach regarding metadata all over Europe.


A group of 16 experts and stakeholders of six EU Member-States and Norway participated in the workshop, namely, Armis ITS, representing Portugal.


The workshop represented an important milestone in the sub-activity 4.6 EIP of the European Union, towards greater harmonization of metadata in all European NAPs.


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