26 Apr, 2022

UVAR Box Hackathon


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The UVAR Box project is organizing a Hackathon, which challenges developers to use UVAR data and demonstrate alternatives for urban mobility.

More and more European cities are introducing urban vehicle access regulations (UVARs) of different types. These local access regulations serve different goals, such as air quality, liveability, climate change and traffic reduction.


The UVAR Box is a project, led by ARMIS ITS and funded by the EU, that provides tools and information to road users about UVARs in Europe in digital form.


To promote further digitization of UVARs data, the European Commission is now launching the UVAR Box Hackathon, which challenges different developers to use UVAR data and demonstrate new alternative uses that can benefit both users and local authorities.


The Hackathon will begin on May 9 with a kick-off meeting that will introduce participants to the subject matter. Teams will have two weeks to present their solution proposal. During this period, the UVAR Box Hackathon Committee is available to support participants with any questions. The solutions will be reviewed and the winner will be announced at the end of May.


Learn more about the project here

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