25 Mar, 2022

Rui Costa joins a talk on Cybersecurity by invitation of Microsoft and Observador


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Common vulnerabilities of SMEs, poor information protection practices, and risk minimization were some of the topics covered.

Never has the subject of Cybersecurity been so relevant as it is today. The news about cyber attacks on large companies all over the world keep coming and Portugal is no exception. That's why, more than ever, it's important to talk about the best ways to protect companies.


In a conversation about the New Age of Cybersecurity, Observador brought together two security experts: Rui Costa, CTO of ARMIS, and Fábio Vítor, Customer Engineer at Microsoft.


This was the first talk that took place as part of the initiative "A Digital (R)evolution - A guide for SMEs", developed by Observador in partnership with Microsoft, to explore major themes such as Security and Cloud.


Watch now the talk 'The New Era of Cybersecurity':



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