18 May, 2017

Test Our Coffee at ARMIS opens the Conference Cycle


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Workshop in partnership with PSTQB “Creation of a tests’ team: challenges and lessons learnt."

On the 2nd May, at the auditory of ARMIS headquarters (Porto), it took place, in partnership with PSTQB (Portuguese Software Testing and Qualifications Board), the Test Our Coffee event, whose theme was “Creation of a tests’ team: challenges and lessons learnt.”


During the presentations, difficulties and challenges in creating a tests’ team were identified, as well as the choice of tools and work’ methodologies, and their impact on the success of the activities.


It was presented an evolutionary vision regarding the process from the creation of a tests’ team to the creation of the “Tests’ Factory” concept in Brazil. Furthermore, the necessity of a change in attitudes and behaviours in teams of development were discussed, in relation to the intervention made by testers, as something inherent to the improvement process.

The exchange of experiences provided a great interaction between speakers and the audience, namely by posing relevant questions and offering suggestions, which, in turn, opened room for reflection upon the search for improvement and solutions.


Among the speakers, we had at our disposal the contribution of our colleague Luís Gonçalves, who is responsible for the Software Testing Certification of Armis IT; of Ricardo Crisallis, Brazilian Coordinator with ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) and representative of Brazil in international meetings of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119; and of Joel Oliveira, one of the founding members of PSTQB (Portuguese Software Testing and Qualifications Board).


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