07 Apr, 2021

Porto Tech Hub invites Rui Costa for the workshop "Security Starts in Design"


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As part of the SWitCH requalification program, Porto Tech Hub (PTH) invited ARMIS' CTO, Rui Costa, to present the workshop "Security Starts in Design", last Tuesday, April 6th.

It was a learning session on cybersecurity, best practices for protecting corporate assets and, above all, on implementing a proactive approach to security in organizations.


SWitCH, promoted by Porto Tech Hub, provides career conversion for young adults, with training in other areas and who wish to acquire skills as IT professionals. It is organized in partnership with the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) and is guided by two main objectives: the requalification of graduates and meeting the demand for qualified resources in the area of technology.


ARMIS, as a partner company of Porto Tech Hub, welcomes SWitCH’s trainees for 9 months, in the second phase of the program. This stage of insertion and beginning of professional activity in a business context is the consolidation of the contents taught in the previous months of training.


The companies associated with PTH are driven by the goal of enhancing and creating qualified human resources, in order to meet the recruitment needs of Portuguese technology companies. In a fusion of interests, the aim is for both students and associated companies to be active agents in a world that tends to be more technological.


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