30 Jul, 2021

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: the main allies of cybersecurity in the financial sector


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Rui Costa, CTO of ARMIS, Horácio Ferreira CSO of ARMIS Brazil and Marcela Andreatti of VU Security came together for the webinar "How Machine Learning Is Enhancing Fraud Detection" and discussed the role of technology and artificial intelligence in fraud detection in the financial sector.

Last Thursday, July 29, ARMIS and VU Security promoted an online event to explain how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can build robust security environments, preventing attacks that organizations may suffer, especially in the financial sector.


Horácio Ferreira and Rui Costa from ARMIS and Marcela Andreatti from VU Security pointed out a strong trend for organizations to ensure customer protection in the face of the increasing  digitalization of banks.


They explain that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are strong allies of security as they are able to analyze consumer behavior and identify patterns, allowing to detect fraudulent behavior in banking transactions and block it.


"The faster we know about risks, the faster institutions can protect themselves" said Rui Costa.


Preventing fraud maintains the reliability of any business and in this session the experts showed how it is possible to make systems more agile and resilient so that users feel safer.

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