25 May, 2022

ARMIS participates in the session "BI and data security" promoted by APBI


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The event, which is part of the series "BI 30 Minutes", invited experts for a productive conversation about cybersecurity in organizations.

On Wednesday, May 25, our experts joined APBI (Portuguese Business Intelligence Association) in a session full of tips and best practices on BI and Data Security.


Milton Nunes, Data&AI specialist at ARMIS, spoke about organizational policies on data security, which must be vertical, permeating the entire organization. He also commented on Data Driven in all phases of life of a company. For him, there is not a specific model for the application of Business Intelligence and Cybersecurity solutions, but different approaches for each organizational reality.


Francisco Falcão, Head of Identity and Security at ARMIS, commented on the implementation of governance models, controls and access and the importance of the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD) to guide security tools to be used in organizations.


When asked about Benchmarking in the security area, Francisco commented on the Security Score technology, which supports organizations to evaluate their security posture, as well as their control mechanisms in comparison to the average of other companies. At market level it is possible to check in detail the positioning of the organization.


It was 30 minutes full of exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge in the area. More than having the support for data management, data in your business strategy, it is necessary to preserve them as a real business asset.


Click here and review the session in full.


And to learn more about the subject you can contact one of our experts.

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