08 Nov, 2021

ARMIS Workshop | Power BI in your Pocket: Much more than Reporting


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Join us on November 25 at 10a.m to explore the full potential of Power BI and Microsoft Teams integration.

Much more than dashboards and statistical analysis, Power BI solutions can transform the business of any organization.


Can you imagine having Power BI integrated with Microsoft Teams? Beyond providing accurate reports, this integration can boost your company's bottom line, help you adapt to new insights with confidence, and put you ahead of market trends.


On November 25, at 10 a.m, ARMIS promotes the workshop "Power BI in your Pocket: Much more than Reporting" in which Milton Nunes, Data & AI expert, will show in practice, how to perform the roll-out between these tools in a simple way. In recent times, bringing modernization to organizations has become fundamental and strategic for business continuity.


This is because with the recent revolution in the ways of working, organizations are increasingly attentive in capturing opportunities from this new scenario. Power BI when integrated with Teams enables informed decision-making, more agile and collaborative teams, modernization of the work environment, and an end to data silos.


Discover all the potential to be explored from this integration. Join us for this free online webinar.


We are counting on you! Register here.

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