13 Oct, 2016

Score Platform registers 97% of athletes’ enrolments


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A platform of sports management.

SCORE, a platform of sports management implemented by ARMIS Digital Sport, obtained an almost full level of enrolments, according to the AFA – Aveiro’s Football Association.


The idea of using a platform, which was first thought by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), enabled football clubs to access the platform whenever necessary and this way avoiding paper bureaucracy as well as displacements to Aveiro.


A product of Armis Digital Sport, SCORE is a solution designed to think the integration of all associated parts of sports management, that endorses the management of people and entities, competitions, results, national teams management amongst other processes and information that supports the sports organizations activities.


The success of registrations to the platform, with 97% of the enrolments, shows the enthusiasm of sports entities in embracing new and worthy technologies that are capable of simplifying bureaucracy routines in an effective and practical way.



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