02 Mar, 2023

ARMIS supports the project @ mum_on_cv


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@ mum_on_cv is a Vida Norte project, which was presented at Porto Business School, on March 1st, and brought real testimonials from mothers supported by the project.

Vida Norte is an IPSS that supports pregnant women and babies in situations of vulnerability, ensuring a close support, in order to empower the family and build an autonomous, responsible and happy life project.


The @ mum_on_cv is an innovative project to empower and promote the professional integration of pregnant women and new mothers, through the promotion of skills and the implementation of the values of Inclusion and Gender Equality. As part of the @ mum_on_cv Project, Vida Norte started a cycle of bootcamps, @mum_power, for the professional integration of Pregnant Women and Mothers supported by Vida Norte, with the goal of promoting critical skills for the labor market, valuing work-family conciliation and presenting parenting skills as differentiators.


In partnership with Vida Norte, ARMIS developed the platform @ mum_on_cv, which results in a digital portal promoting the (re)integration of women in the labor market.


It is a pleasure for ARMIS to support such a noble initiative and contribute to a more inclusive society.

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