ARMIS is a member of the Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence

ARMIS joins the Portuguese Association of Business Intelligence for the dissemination of knowledge in BI and Big Data.

ARMIS ITS at the ITS European Congress

ARMIS ITS attended the ITS European Congress, in Toulouse, representing the ITS Portugal association, directed by Pedro Barradas.

ARMIS Brazil in interview to ABES

The CSO of ARMIS Brazil, Horácio Ferreira, commented on the current technological scenario and the objectives for the future.

ARMIS Workshop | "Power BI in your Pocket: How to Explore Corporate Data”

The last event of the series promoted by ARMIS addressed the creation of an agile and secure corporate data environment.

ARMIS participates in the session "BI and data security" promoted by APBI

The event, which is part of the series "BI 30 Minutes", invited experts for a productive conversation about cybersecurity in organizations.

ARMIS develops application for administrative efficiency at JJ Teixeira

The low-code solution that was implemented has led to the modernization and agility of the administrative teams' daily processes.

ARMIS presents another "Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach"

ARMIS and Microsoft come together in this session to demonstrate best practices on automation and cybersecurity.

ARMIS present at the Session "On the Way to Hannover 2022”

The Prime Minister met with national companies that will participate in the world's largest industrial fair in Hannover.

ARMIS will be present at Hannover Messe 2022

Between May 30 and June 2, ARMIS will be present at Hannover Messe 2022, the largest international trade fair for industrial technology.

Domain Consolidation for one of the largest retail organizations in Brazil

Practicality and Cybersecurity are the key to an innovative and efficient domain consolidation.

ARMIS Workshop | "Power BI in your Pocket: How to Explore Corporate Data

The last event of the series produced by ARMIS addresses the creation of an agile and secure enterprise data environment.

ARMIS Band will be performing at Rock in Rio 2022

Our ARMIS Band (Armstice) will be on one of the biggest national stages: Rock in Rio 2022, with the Brands Like Bands Festival.

ARMIS presents ‘Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach’

Leverage the use of security automation to detect, investigate and respond to threats within your organization.

UVAR Box Hackathon

The UVAR Box project is organizing a Hackathon, which challenges developers to use UVAR data and demonstrate alternatives for urban mobility.

Workshop ‘Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach’ by ARMIS

Learn more about the benefits of automated detection and auto-recovery for your organization through a hands-on experience.

Security and agility: Euronext workspace management through Workplace HUB

Implemented by ARMIS Information Technology, the Workplace HUB has improved the convenience of controlling workspaces for Euronext.

Intelligent monitoring agents: Proactivity and automation in services operation

How proactive support, rather than reactive support, benefits organizations with a resilient Network Operations Center.

Advanced Data for a Smart Business Strategy

Managing information and exploiting the full potential that data offers may seem like a difficult task in times of globalization. For this reason, advanced use of Power BI can be the differentiator putting organizations ahead of technological trends.

The Future of Bank Digitalization: Modern Workplace at the Service of the Financial Industry

The financial sector is facing a constant technological evolution. But are all institutions thinking about end-to-end modernization?

The Role of Collaborative Technology in a Modern Workplace

New work models increasingly demand agility, integration, and collaboration among teams. Discover now the power of technology and collaborative tools.

European Cybersecurity Month: Discover the resources that enhance organizations' security

Access our cybersecurity resources and tips from the ARMIS IT experts.

Teams as a Platform - Integration with Power Platform

With more than 75 million daily active users and new hybrid working models, companies and their employees have already become familiar with the power of Microsoft Teams.

Governance in Microsoft Power Platform

As more organizations use Power Platform resources, governance is a key aspect that administrators and managers need to plan before the use of these tools becomes out of control.

How does Machine Learning leverage Fraud Detection?

Through the combination of supervised and unsupervised methods, Machine Learning can learn and recognize new patterns that other approaches to fraud management may miss.

From authentication to passwordless: Here is the Future of Identity

From the increasing duality between the rigidity of security systems and the provision of a good user experience emerge trends in identity management that dictate the future of digitalization.

Server-focused security: a checklist for secure information

Exploitation of flaws has become more frequent and, therefore, it is necessary to ensure data protection on all fronts.

The Power of Identity and Access Management for Corporate Information Security

Discover the power of Identity and Access Management and its importance for the protection of devices, information and employee identity.

Create automated Career Plans according to each employee's profile

Skillab is an intelligent tool that not only contributes to increasing the productivity of teams but also helps in the talent retention process.

Are the companies' systems prepared for teleworking?

If most of these organizations are closely following the digital transformation, why do they still offer resistance to a decentralized work regime?

The new reality of the return to the office

After several weeks in confinement, and although a large part of the organizations are still teleworking, it is time for them to prepare the return of their employees to their offices.

Is it possible to design a good user experience without neglecting security?

Is it possible to implement security without compromising good user experience on corporate tools?

Mobility 2.0 meters

The introduction of a new and unknown dimension of analysis in the business models of mobility and transport - social distance - has been put into practice following the recommendations of the WHO and the General Directions of Health.