The transport sector is evolving rapidly and there is a need for this growth to be effective. Every day we hear about intelligent mobility and its benefits.


The new generation of Intelligent Transports is rising with high expectations for digitalization and decarbonization. Implementing the European Commission ITS policies is key to efficient mobility management.


At ARMIS we work to obtain better and more efficient management solutions that produce more and better information and that translate into better services and better quality of life.


We are driven by technology to build green transport solutions and we make intelligent mobility a reality.

The sustainability of transportation is largely being measured by the effectiveness and efficiency of the transportation system, as well as the environmental and climate impacts of the system, we work on solutions that take all these requirements into consideration.


Following the increase in traffic volume over the last decades, which affect different agents, such as road users, traffic managers, road operators and transport services operators helps to reduce the climate impact of transports.


ARMIS offers a deep understanding and industrial experience that we gather, helping organizations make the leap into the digital future. Systems development for a new generation of intelligent transportation solutions.


We set the pace of evolution.