25 Oct, 2021

European Cybersecurity Month: Discover the resources that enhance organizations' security


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Access our cybersecurity resources and tips from the ARMIS IT experts.

According to the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center, in 2020 and 2021 there was an increasing conversion from offline to online crime and this trend is expected to continue in the future.


The importance of cybersecurity in the corporate context is supported through knowledge of the impact of cyberattacks on organizational "health", its employees, as well as the sector in which they operate.



Why implement a cybersecurity strategy?


Considering that there is a cyberattack every 39 seconds, according to the University of Maryland Clark School study, the approach to security should be proactive rather than reactive, with a view to avoiding problems rather than solving them.


In this video, meet the key tips from our CTO, Rui Costa, who has more than 16 years of experience in cybersecurity:




Access, here, the resources that our experts have prepared for you:



Cybersecurity Guide


The information that powers your organization should and must be optimally protected. Access our guide to discover how to apply the principles of cybersecurity to your reality, here.


Blog Posts


Keep up with the latest updates on the latest topics in the world of cybersecurity that will enable you to boost data and identity protection.



  • M365 Security & Governance. Read more.
  • Security Operations by Design: Cloud Security and Threat Protection. Read more.
  • Secure Work by Design - Boosting Safety by Default. Read more.
  • How to implement a "Secure Work by Design" strategy. Read more.
  • The Power of Identity and Access Management for Corporate Information Security. Read more.
  • Is it possible to design a good user experience without neglecting security? Read more.
  • From authentication to passwordless: Here is the Future of Identity. Read more.
  • Server-focused security: a checklist for secure information. Read more.
  • Governance in Microsoft Power Platform. Read more.
  • Teams as a Platform - Integration with Power Platform. Read more



On-Demand Webinars


Through these sessions, discover the benefits of Microsoft technologies that promote security and help implement a resilient strategy.






Get to know our tips and advice on the process of implementing a cybersecurity strategy that promotes data protection internally and building security layers.


  • 5 Good practices for a culture of internal security. Watch here.
  • Fast and safe login: 5 steps to achieve it. Watch here.
  • How to use Biometrics to prevent falsification. Watch here.



ARMIS IT is a company of excellence in the implementation of security solutions, providing a complete offer, from consulting services to the implementation of highly complex solutions.


Count on us in your cybersecurity journey.

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