European Projects

ARMIS ITS actively participates in European Projects that aim to identify solutions to mobility issues or test new ways to manage and improve mobility in cities.




VoxPop is a project oriented by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and aims the digital transformation of the urban mobility system in Lisbon. It leverages a data sharing ecosystem between public and private transport entities in the city.

VoxPop, which started in 2019, aims to create mobility solutions that meet the needs of Lisbon's residents, visitors and workers. 




The C-Roads platform promotes the implementation of the European Directive 2010/40/EU aimed at implementing intelligent transport systems in road transport.

This is a joint initiative of several EU member states and road infrastructure operators for the harmonized implementation of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

The project is co-financed by a European Union fund for investment in the area of intelligent mobility.




C-Streets is a project that continues the C-Roads project, which ended in 2021, with a focus on cities and urban areas in Portugal, by conducting 5 new pilots. The initiative has the ambition to define and consolidate the digital structure of transport data in Portugal, with a focus on dynamic data. Cooperative Streets is the progress of C-Roads in the scope of digitalization and decarbonization of the transport sector.




DATA4PT is a project that advances data sharing practices in the public transport sector by supporting the development of standards and data exchange models to meet the needs of multimodal travel information service providers. The initiative supports EU Member States in implementing European public data standards and promotes a seamless travel ecosystem in Europe.




The European ITS Platform (EU EIP) is a space of cooperation between National Ministries, Road Authorities, Road Operators and private and public sector partners from almost all EU Member States and neighboring countries. The synergy between the entities promotes, accelerates and optimizes current and future ITS implementations in Europe in a harmonized way.




IDACS is a project aiming at the use of sustainable fuels in Europe through data collection. It is driven by the goal of collecting missing data and ensuring that infrastructure data for electricity and hydrogen are made available through National Access Points (NAPs) to promote smart mobility.





The How2Go project is intended to support the rapid implementation of accurate multimodal travel information services across the European Union on the TEN-T network. The project aims to make existing Portuguese public transport data accessible for interoperable European data exchange through a National Access Point (NAP).