24 May, 2022

Intelligent monitoring agents: Proactivity and automation in services operation


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How proactive support, rather than reactive support, benefits organizations with a resilient Network Operations Center.

With the advance of the so-called "teleservices", the actions linked to technological improvement have grown significantly. With this, the number of organizations seeking more robust and assertive systems is also growing.


Today it is very clear for companies that the mere functioning of the developed systems is only a small part of the technological challenge. This is because, additionally, it is also important to validate the applications, from tests and certifications, to ensure the right kind of support, among other services that integrate to the created network. In addition to technological development, the trend is for organizations to value long-term quality assurance. Delivery is not enough, the operation of the services must be guaranteed.


Trained to act throughout the entire life cycle of the application, from the development of software engineering projects to the delivery of IT solutions, the talents of OZONO's NOC (Network Operations Center) can cover the most important items in the operation of each system or process. As a result, they become able to recognize each part of the application that should, in fact, be monitored.


Once they have identified the key components for the smooth operation of the process or system, professionals then move on to develop intelligent monitoring agents, capable of responding to criteria, requirements, indicators, and operation service levels. This structure allows the automation of specialized alarming, ticketing and logging modules.


This matrix allows critical situations to be dealt with in a timely manner, so that they do not become actual problems. Therefore, action can be taken while still responding to alerts, so that they do not progress to failure or error situations. In other words, action is taken when the yellow light comes on, that is, before the light turns red. This is therefore proactive support, rather than reactive support.


In addition, the NOC OZONO also meets all the requirements of a conventional Operation Center.


Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, its teams focus on establishing productive and lasting relationships with customers, in order to provide support for whatever is needed and also monitor the operation of the platforms, the flow of user traffic, perform tests and certifications for quality assurance, among others, either remotely or locally at the customer's premises.


From the project's conception, through implementation and then evolutionary corrections or maintenance, it is possible to count on the support of the Operations Center. This type of service maximizes results by reducing failures and inducing companies to focus primarily on their core business.


Support can and should be easily activated, through a website or email or telephone line, for example, using a ticketing system.


The Operations Center supports the operation of multiple services, such as: infrastructure (on-premises or cloud), basic application support products (databases, APPs, middleware, webservers etc.), business support applications, security, to maximize the performance of what was developed and ensure the proper functioning of activities within the organization.


Far beyond software engineering, we provide all the necessary technological support.


Focus on quality to maximize results. Get to know our IT Service Operation Center.




Orlando Bissacot | Chief Technology Officer OZONO

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